Swimming pools


we build all types of pools according to your needs

We give shape to your ideas and we design and construct the swimming pool that best fits with you and your garden.
We feature you different possibilities and materials with a variety of finishes and properties so that you guess right in your choice and you can fully customize your pool. From the classic inground swimming pool, which you can adapt to your preferences as much as you want, to plaxilon models and their multiples options, as well as polyester or liner pools.


the most customizable pools of all

Customised pools personalised for every customer. Constructed pools are the type of pool most often requested by our customers, and to be able to customise each pool is a great challenge. Constructed pools are constructed using sprayed concrete, with a watertight, seamless finish accomplished within just a few days. The tiling has a starred finish, and the varied range available on the market, allowing implementation of different textures and colours, means that your pool will be unique.


The convenience of having a pool in just one week.

Fastest and lowest price option. The characteristics of these pools make them the ideal option if you want to enjoy a new pool in just one week with the lowest costs. We have 34 models of polyester pool with reinforced structure, including an infinity range and a Spa range, all available in three different colours; sand-coloured, white and blue.

The purchase includes: transportation to site, supply and installation, fitted accessories, pool coping, local technicians, products and putting into service.


adaptable to any design and shape

Perfect seal ensuring no water leaks. Reinforced liner pools are a good alternative, not only because of the reliability of the materials but also because of their adaptability, the range available and installation. Among the most important features and advantages of reinforced liner pools are their enhanced watertight properties and resistance to wear and tear; they don’t suffer discolouration under UV exposure and are easy to weld.


perfect for a terrace or garden

Versatile pools that are easy and fast to install. Sophisticated and adaptable, above ground pools are perfect for a terrace, a garden or inside the house. They offer a very practical way to enjoy a swim and can be left mounted all the year round or dismantled at the end of the season. You’re sure to find the perfect pool with our wide selection of models and sizes.


The best products at the fairest price.

You can consult the HydroSud catalogue, where you will find the best prices for constructed and polyester swimming pools, filtration, heating, summer covers, treatment, spare parts and maintenance, well-being equipment, games, inflatables, spas, saunas, infrared cabins, steam rooms, domestic water, irrigation, irrigation pumps, decorative ponds, garden accessories…

We go beyond designing and building pools. We want to make it easy for you, so we take care of everything. We bring your ideas to life and design and build the pool that best suits you. We take care of all the details with an unbeatable environment, with the best garden and accessories to make your pool experience unforgettable.


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